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Setting up email marketing and listbuilding.

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I am A Web Designer & marketeer,

I love color and fonts & I can help you

People have been telling me my whole live that I ask too many questions. I am always busy with what other people are doing. And to be honest…

I used too spend way too much time at the coffe corner instead of behind my computer!

I love to learn new things, to know what people are working on and to question them about their choices. And after years of  doing legal work at different governements I knew I had to change things. I I love design, tecnical things and computers and love to help people.

In my 9-to-5 job I could do none of that. So now I help people like you that need it and are happy that I don’t mind my own business!

If you have any questions we can schedule a call or you can send me a message.

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Some important numbers

What is the world without facts you can check?

Percentage of happy customers

Amount of words written

hours until you are online

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